Condutar is a company with over 30 years of existence. Since its debut in 1982, the company’s main objective has been and is to manufacture air conditioning and ventilation equipment. Over the years, and meeting the needs of our customers, we have expanded our product offering.

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Nowadays, in addition to the manufacture of rectangular and circular ducts, we also manufacture ventilation units, sound attenuators, air filters and various stainless steel equipment. In addition, we sell various equipment, including: flexible pipes, insulation, mounting and mounting accessories, etc.

Condutar has two manufacturing units, one in Camarate with about 2.000m2 and another in Alcobaça with about 1.000m2.

Condutar’s target market is very varied, we can meet the demands of large projects, as well as satisfy the customers who are dedicated to small works. We have a large customer base in Portugal, but also in other countries namely France, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Spain etc.

Condutar has participated in various projects, such as hospitals, shopping centers, schools, hotels, swimming pools, clinics and more. Thanks to our philosophy of flexibility and professionalism, we have been able to cover much of the ventilation and air conditioning market.

To keep up with our competitive quality policy, we have purchased various equipment across borders from countries such as Turkey, Spain, Italy and Belgium.

We have a very experienced professional team that accompanies us over the years, projecting the quality of our products to higher and higher levels in today’s market.